So it’s 7:30 and I’ve just stepped out of D’s car and into a Keke-Napep that will take me home; and there are three of us squashed up in the back seat and the man next to the man beside me is staring at me so I lean back into the seat and stuff my ears with my earphones.

And I pick Daughter to listen to, even though I’ve just told D that listening to her makes me feel ‘some typa way’.

And the music rolls in and rises and dips and Elena’s voice is like smoke, but not – more potent – and there’s two of her – and there are waves in my head and my chest – and I’m feeling that type of way.

It is on a high wave that I notice the man on my right and I are breathing in sync. In. Out. Our arms are pressed against each other and our shoulders rise and fall in rhythm. In. Out. While Elena’s whisper-y voice fills my chest with unidentified emotion. His warmth pushes into mine; settles. And we breathe in and the music dances around us like dark fairies.

How have I shared such a moment with a stranger? I don’t even know what his face looks like.


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