January Resolutions

January 1.

I didn’t drink today.
All the stores in walking distance were closed for New Year’s and I distributed all my unopened bottles of wine among the neighbours. Amos eyed my hands and said “No, thanks” so I gave it to the gateman. I should tell Amos sometime that I, also, am a Christian.

January 2.

I didn’t drink today.
I jogged to the Estate gate and back this morning. My thighs are beginning to ache. I plan to be healthy this year. So help me God.
The house was too quiet so I turned on the TV and scrubbed the kitchen floor.
Also, I washed my hair.

January 3.

I didn’t drink this morning.
I jogged this morning.
I cooked a meal. I used olive oil and fresh vegetables. Atoke’s Kitchen people called to ask me if I forgot to order food; the surprise in Mary’s voice when I told her I cooked was an insult to me.

January 4.

I didn’t drink.
I jogged.
I cooked again.
I sent clothes to the drycleaners.
Then I checked my mail.
No emails from him. No phone calls from him. No text messages from him.
I read my Bible. Some Psalms.
I sewed on a button.

January 5.

What else does he want from me? I’m healthy now!
I haven’t drunk in almost a week, I’m taking care of our home, I’m being a good Christian wife. I’m ‘putting in an effort’ as he puts it.
Why won’t he come home?!
All this is giving me a headache; making me crave.


January 31.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to stop drinking. I need to become healthy, get fit. Get my life in order, you know? So when he shows up to see how I’m doing, I’ll be in a better state than he found me the last time.
Tomorrow. I promise.