I Like..

ImageBicycles. The colour green. Benches. Kissing couples. Black and white photos. Old photographs. Chandeliers. Lace. Cigarettes. Rings. Charm bracelets. Open fields. Balloons. Sunsets. Nail polish. Tousled sheets. Denim shorts. Shredded jeans. Men’s shirts. Male watches. Converses. Boots. Huge kitchens. Plaid. Spaghetti. Chocolate cake. Swings. Panoramas. Cottages. Long earrings. Old books. English classics. Stories written in 2nd person. Tennis. Rackets. Deserted roads. Lit skyscrapers at night. Ice-cream cones. Big cameras. Sofas. Fat braids. Guitars. Hoops. Lofts. Coffee. The Eiffel tower. Pocket watches. Umbrellas. Trucks. Vintage cars. Footpaths. Satchels. Peppersoup. Old houses. Ovens. Balconies. Bricks. Long necklaces. Owls. Low fences. Glasses. Open plans. Picket fences. Beards. Long coats. Long legs. Sandals. Scarves. Bookshelves. Cafes. Huge sweaters. New notebooks. Treehouses. Full skirts. Prints. Bookstores. Pianos. Striped socks. Ballet. Hair. Mugs. White boats. Big porches. Hammocks. Radios. Bridges.

These are more than a few of my favourite things.